Site Moving

I have decided to move this web log to a new site under a new domain name.  Past posts have been copied and future posts will be at 

The domain was not available for purchase. I was investing in building good will for a property that was not well branded.

While I love capitalism, writing about it and defending it (ridiculously easy since it is distilled freedom) , I realize that I would like to expand the subject matter.

This was inspired by a rereading of “The Road to Serfdom” by F.A. Hayek. It is a great book by a great economist, and all that. Even more, I realized it had the key to modern America and its problems.

Why are the majority of the public so dissatisfied with Washington and its policies? Why is our leadership made up of such bad people? Weren’t there always bad and incompetent people but somehow our institutions mostly resisted them in the past? Is it simply that the baby boomer generation is uniquely bad?

Why is a planned economy impossible for our democratic institutions to manage requiring an administrative state? A Federal Reserve with no Congressional oversight? A Consumer Finance Protection Bureau with no Congressional oversight?

Why is the Rule of Law breaking down. It is becoming obvious that there are no rules but the law depends on who, whom. Is it simply entropy, civilizations have a life like organisms and ours is nearing the natural end?

Why is the scientific method and truth under assault? Why do we take a poll to decide if global warming is a problem?  Why are certain theories off the table according to political correctness?

Well these are reworded questions addressed and answered by chapters of “The Road to Serfdom.”

I realized on rereading that this was a very important book. I would say it is the key to our current problems. I wanted to give a copy to my children and say, “This is what I am trying to tell you,” or “This is the most important book you will ever read.”

Then I realized that while well written it is in the Continental tradition and somewhat old in expression.  One must be an attentive scholar to read this book. Need not be. I intend to post a Cliffs Notes like summery of it here, one chapter at a time. My thesis, and I contend the thesis of the book is, that most of the things wrong with Nazi Germany, the USSR and present day Western Civilization are due to . . . collectivism.


The Men Will Retire to the Library for Brandy and Cigars.

Am I mistaken or was it not the norm in upper class households during the Victorian and post-Victorian era for the men and women to go to different rooms for after dinner conversation?

The men’s conversations would be courser; the women’s more genteel. No cad of a man would subject women to the uncensored content of the men’s salon. If a woman entered the men’s library the men would stand and immediately adopt language more fitting for feminine sensibilities.

Now of course, women demand the right to hear and participate in the men’s conversation. After all, if men have it, it must be better than what they were relegated to by the patriarchy.